The evolutionary invitation within a pandemic

To say that there is a lot going on in the world at present would be an understatement. But just as much is going on inside people’s homes and in their hearts.

I work as a therapist, so I see this all at close range and it is not just that there is a virus at large in the community. I don’t wish to minimise the hardship and difficulty many are facing at present. But external hardship does not have to lead to internal collapse. There is the offering of expansion and evolution if we choose to look more deeply at what is happening.

It has been a huge transition time as people have come to terms with the reality of the consequences for both individuals and society as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. People have needed to open and expand to allow each new level of adjustment that has been required.

We have experienced a loss of control as decisions were made that fundamentally changed our life circumstances. A loss of control can be unsettling and can lead people to harden and close down. The potential here though, is that if we can soften and surrender, we can move into a more spacious presence that can accommodate these unwelcome changes.

So many of us live very comfortable lives. Comfort gives security and its familiarity gives us a feeling of safety that we unknowingly lean on. But what if this safety and comfort is taken from us, what then? It might be incredibly uncomfortable but what if it offered the opportunity for a richer approach to life? Some examples might help to illustrate this.

I have a client who has had to sell their house since they can no longer afford to finance it. They speak of having relied on the identity this home gave them. This house meant they belonged and could fit in with accepted social norms. This person realized that this was not a life founded on truth and that they now had to forge a deeper anchor for life. Such courage.

Another client had lost much of their income and was realising how much they had used financial security to bring a sense of safety to life. This outer prop meant they didn’t have to look for a deeper, more true security within.

Yes, we need our houses, and we need an income, but these become problematic when we use them to avoid facing an inner feeling of insecurity and fear.

A simple but potentially challenging exercise to undertake during Covid 19 would be to take yourself through the following inquiry:

– What has been taken from you during this time?
– How did you previously lean on this?
– How did it keep you small to lean on this?
– What new quality or strength or awareness needs to arise now?

Should we accept the invitation, we can allow an untapped wisdom to arise from within. We all have capacities we don’t even know we have. Capacities for insight, leadership and courage. The care and generosity that is rising up within many is just the beginning of what is possible.

The contribution we bring forth in this way will enrich society from within even as the havoc is wrought without. Are you up for joining the challenge? It really is your choice.

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