Let’s Kondo our Psyche

There have been a lot of hard rubbish collection piles in our streets recently as people use the Covid isolation time to rid themselves of old junk and ‘Kondo’ their homes. Most people by now have heard of Marie Kondo, who encourages us to clear our cupboards and keep only what brings us joy.

It’s a great idea and we could be doing this with our psyche too. We can clear outdated things from our inner wardrobe and leave only what lights us up.

So how do we ‘Kondo’ our psyche?

Firstly, look for your go-to reactions. These are tired and old and need to go. What gets you frustrated, resentful, angry, jealous or shut down? Look for the triggers inside yourself and deal with the stuck, accumulated energy there.

Next, take a look at emotions and states that are causing discomfort. Is there grief, sadness, depression or anxiety? When did these things first arise? Are there troubled items from a long time ago that need to be sorted through?

Then, you need to consider matters of self-worth. Are there boxes of old beliefs that drag you down, old patterns that drain you and prevent you from expressing your true self? Perhaps you have stored other people’s ideas and prejudices in the deeper recesses of your inner home. They don’t belong. Time to go.

Now, we need to look at our indulgences and addictions. What dark empty corners in your psyche have you filled with alcohol or chocolate or unnecessary purchases. Time to bring kindness and light to those needy nooks so they won’t need those artificial fillers and distractions.

Finally, we can take a look at what brings us joy. For this we need to feel what gives purpose to our life. Without this we will be empty and unfulfilled. Time to adjust our momentum in life and make sure we are on track. All of this doesn’t necessarily have to go but perhaps we need to bring together new combinations, see things in a different light.

As we clear our psyche in this way we will indeed uncover what brings us joy. It is our inner essence, often left under dusty piles of junk but waiting to be put on again. It will feel warm and light and we will love how we feel when we wear it. It’s a keeper. Wear it out into the world and enjoy the confidence and settlement it brings!

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