The Last Taboo – Coming Out of the Closet

“I feel like I live incognito. I have a secret life that no-one knows about.” This was a young client talking to me during a therapy session. One might suspect she was referring to drug activity, some sexual proclivity, some sort of criminal activity or perhaps a secret liaison. Another says, “There is no-one in [...]

Let’s Kondo our Psyche

There have been a lot of hard rubbish collection piles in our streets recently as people use the Covid isolation time to rid themselves of old junk and ‘Kondo’ their homes. Most people by now have heard of Marie Kondo, who encourages us to clear our cupboards and keep only what brings us joy. It’s [...]

Return to the Soul, a book by Cynthia Hickman, Psychologist

Sometimes it can seem that the world is going crazy. There is the threat of terrorism, distress at the international refugee crisis, disgust at political and banking systems and violence on our streets and in our homes. While these things can make people anxious and concerned, the tension wakes many people out of their comfort [...]