The Last Taboo – Coming Out of the Closet

“I feel like I live incognito. I have a secret life that no-one knows about.”

This was a young client talking to me during a therapy session. One might suspect she was referring to drug activity, some sexual proclivity, some sort of criminal activity or perhaps a secret liaison.

Another says, “There is no-one in my social group that I can talk to about these things. But you know, I am so sick of the ‘let’s go out on the weekend and get drunk, do some drugs, talk some rubbish and then spend the first two days of the week in recovery’. It’s no way to live.”

Yet another client, an older woman says, “I can talk to my friends about some things… kids, relationships and renovations. We support each other you know, and that’s great, but that’s as far as it goes. We don’t go deeper. I can’t talk to them about what is really going on inside me.”

So, what is the dirty little secret these people and others like them are hiding?

They are all talking about their spiritual unfolding, their reconnection with the life of the soul, their awakening to the deeper level of being that resides inside all of us. And the love and stillness and purpose that this connection invokes.

People love to use the word ‘woke’ at present. They have no idea. There is so much more we could be ‘woke’ to. A quantum level of `woke’. A multidimensional level of `woke’.

As a young male client describes, “It’s just quantum physics. There are other levels to our being. Why aren’t we paying attention to this?!”

True ‘woke’ would be about the gradual awakening that goes on within us as we realize there is more to us than the material realm. That we have access to something beautiful and sublime, yet so ordinary and so practical within us. This ‘woke’ would make all the difference to our quality of life on this planet.

This is not of course referring to old-time religious rules and beliefs. Or even new-time religion’s dolphins and white light.

Sages throughout the centuries have tried to remind humanity; “Guys, you are missing the point. There is another realm to existence, another dimension inside all of us. Access this and it is the way to true wellbeing and loving co-existence. Ignore it and suffering is the guaranteed result.”

Will we ever see people taking to the streets, demanding that government ground the constitution on love for humanity, that education put the wisdom of the soul on the curriculum and that business and economics be remodelled for compassionate service for the good of all.

We have a Ribbon Day for everything under the sun. How about one for the life of the soul.

Come out of the closet. Let go of the status quo. Speak up.

Soul is not a dirty word.

2 thoughts on “The Last Taboo – Coming Out of the Closet

  1. Thank you. This a much needed conversation and in reading what you have shared here have realised exactly that .. how we currently have seen or see Soul as a dirty word in that we just don’t go there to explore, share or discuss it. I can certainly attest to when younger feeling like I had an awareness of this, another level to my being I was aware of that I just felt I could not discuss as it was just something that wasn’t discussed! As you say it seems we talk about EVERYTHING else apart from Soul, the true meaning and energetic awareness of this. How different would life be if we started to embrace this.


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