Return to the Soul, a book by Cynthia Hickman, Psychologist

Sometimes it can seem that the world is going crazy. There is the threat of terrorism, distress at the international refugee crisis, disgust at political and banking systems and violence on our streets and in our homes.

While these things can make people anxious and concerned, the tension wakes many people out of their comfort and security and they begin to ask the big questions about life.

This is when people ask questions such as: How can we make sense of it all? What does it mean to be human? Why are we here? Is there more to life?

I have written a book called, Return to The Soul, in which I bring the essence of ancient spiritual wisdom into a modern context. Ancient teachers such as Hermes, Pythagoras and Patanjali pointed to a deeper reality behind the façade of everyday life.

Without these deeper understandings, life can seem chaotic, unjust and pointless. But if we can bring this wisdom into our everyday living then we can open ourselves to inspiration and meaning in life-changing ways.

The book Return to the Soul is an invitation to engage with life from the perspective of the soul. Its message is accessible and practical and designed to remind us and affirm that love is the foundation of life and that the access to this love is within us all.

Return to the Soul is now available online and from Readings Bookstore, Melbourne.

4 thoughts on “Return to the Soul, a book by Cynthia Hickman, Psychologist

    1. Hi Cedric, yes the book is available…you can buy it from my website Or if you live in Melbourne you can get it from Readings bookstores or the TS bookstore in the CBD. Thanks for your interest in the book! Warm regards, Cynthia


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